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    Human Resource Services

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    Cornerstone is an outsourced HR Division for companies of all sizes. From building handbooks and policy to ensure Bill17 compliance, we do payroll and bookkeeping.


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    Meeting with a client at a local Canmore business
    Cruising the AB countryside with a client going from site to site learning and meeting the team
    Meeting with another client. Getting out to the field is especially interesting. Each operates differently; it’s finding the most efficient and effective method for each collaboratively.
    Is there ever a time when PPE is too early??
    BBB Tradeshow - the team had trouble keeping up answers so many questions. No need to wait, we are only a phone call away.
    Proud moments at the BBB Tradeshow Booth. The team did a great job responding to as many people as they possibly could.
    Cornerstone was named Top Payroll and HR organization for AB - PROUD of the team is an understatement.
    We always have a great give away no matter what Tradeshow ... this one includes tickets to the Roughriders v Stampeders game
    Cornerstones image board
    This statement is just difficult to get through. We are here to support and educate, not deliver punitive action. We build the best team possible bringing out the best we can in each individual in line with business goals and vision.